Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cafe La Boheme

Don't you just love those windows facing out into the park?

This is the Cafe La Boheme, a Italian restaurant, located right across the street from Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. I love their high ceilings and open space. Not to mention the pretty chandeliers, which are reflected onto the windows.

They also have a great menu. And although I'm pretty sure it isn't authentic Italian cuisine, they use plenty of basil and garlic in their dishes to make it seem like it is!

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  1. There's something so warm and inviting about your reflection photo. Food looks yum. That's what I think about the Italian restaurant in our city here too. It's Indianised Italian.:)

  2. You introduced me to Book1st in Shinjuku, for which I'm very grateful. (My bank account, on the other hand, is suffering deeply.) Now you've introduced me to another place that I'll just have to visit. I can't decide what looks the best - the view or the food ...

  3. I agree with Nature Rambles. If I had to choose two words to describe the first photo, I would say warm and inviting. Y'all had a lovely evening! Oh, and the food makes me want to say, "Bring on the garlic and basil!

  4. A magical ambience in this dining area! Intimate and romantic! And the beautiful view of the outdoors in night light is enchanting!

  5. «Louis» would enjoy this place very much!

  6. Nice ambience. 行きましょ。

  7. It looks like a special date spot.

    The pointed-arch tracery in the windows gives it an elegant feel.

    There are some residences off to the left a ways, between the east end of the park and Gaien-nishi Dori (Street) with similar views. I think I wouldn’t mind living over there.

    I only went to the La Boheme in Setagaya once or twice but I was impressed with the elegant atmosphere there too. There was a kind of large “pool” area in the center of the ground floor embellished with statuary. They could have put tables in that space but opted for beauty. Nice.

  8. Looks cosy, nice and a place for good food!

    Gunn /

  9. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the comments! I'm glad you like this place, it's quite a romantic place at night. And I know everyone loves Italian food ;D

  10. I like this cafe and the food seems delicious!

  11. Kaori,
    Oh, another delicious blog!! This restaurant has many windows instead of a wall. So, the restaurant looks like the open air restaurant. To enjoy the green and nice meal there, I want to fly to Shinjuku!
    Best wishes,

  12. Really a nice place, I would like to spend some time there...

  13. What a cozy room... and the food looks scrumptious!

  14. Kaori to the rescue!

    I'm sitting in my ryokan killing time until my flight back to the States. A few days ago I was walking near here on the street that runs along the park, the street that is essentially an extension of Kôshûkaidô. A couple had stopped and weren’t quite arguing about the right direction. As I passed I pulled out my trusty old pocket map of Tokyo and handed it to the woman. I thought that they needed a look at a map. The woman, in English, said, “Thank you,” and looked at me like she was humoring a crazy person (“Why is this non-Japanese creature thrusting this irrelevant book into my hand,” she may have thought). I asked them if they knew the address or street that they were looking for (and took back my book of maps). They said , “No.” So a map would do no good anyway.

    “Do you know Shinjuku La Boheme?” the woman asked.

    I tried to access my memory banks from when I was in Shinjuku daily a decade ago and more, and replied that I knew Shibuya La Boheme (which I noticed a few weeks ago is still there and still by Egg Man), but not any in Shinjuku. Then I started repeating to myself, “Shinjuku La Boheme, Shinjuku La Boheme,” and suddenly this post of yours popped up and I could give the couple directions how to get here. (But I wonder if they believed me. Too bad for them if they didn’t).

    So this post of yours may have helped to prevent an argument, and get that couple to this restaurant with no worry or problems. Let me thank you for them.

    Being the Kaori that you are you performed a kindness and helped people without even knowing it. (But being the Gary that I am they may not have believed me and accepted the correct directions. Even so, they would find out eventually...)


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