Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh So Blue

The sky is a gorgeous blue today.

I'm kinda a boo-hoo blue. The great thing is, I think I've FINALLY gotten over my holiday break and am ready to get back into the groove of things. (And yes, I have been back at work for over a week already...but, you know.) The boo-hoo thing is, my groove came back just in time for my super busy couple of weeks that are going to be crazy. So my posts may be kind of sporadic.

But I'm just very thankful that I actually have a job that keeps me busy. I just heard on the news that many of the people who lost their jobs last year in the earthquake and tsunami up north may not be able to continue to receive unemployment payments any more. So that means, no jobs and no support while they try to rebuild their lives. They must have so much to worry about.

So I'm really thankful I'm so busy. Especially with the sky is so blue.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy looking at more beautiful skies all around the world here.


  1. Wow awesome! Happy weekend and following too.


  2. Did you see the original movie War of the Worlds? Your street light looks like the "heads" on the UFOs from that movie. It was very funny and cheesy. - I'm sorry that you are blue! I've been going through a down-in-the-dumps time too, but thank God, that the sun is shining today. I always feel better when I can have the sun shining on my face. May the sun shine on your face today!

  3. It IS a lovely sky and I like the creative slant.

  4. nice blue shot ! Enjoy your blue weekend ! :)

  5. beautiful sky!!! I like the composition with the lamp to the side!

  6. Oh, nice shot! The colder the day, the bluer the sky, I often think. PS: It's awful about the unemployment benefits. I wonder what kind of winter bonus the politicians gave themselves ...

  7. Looks like we'll both be sporadic in the weeks ahead. Don't be blue, like your gorgeous sky; just go with the flow.

  8. a picture for the soul.

    please have a wonderful sunday.

  9. Very pretty. I like this shade of blue. :)

  10. Kaori,
    Yes, this beautiful sky is equally enjoyed by everybody. But under the sky, people live with different worries and cares. But the sky is so transparent and brilliant! Wonderful photo!
    Best wishes,

  11. Sure is blue. All the best, Ev

  12. That's a pretty pic. :)

    wow, more unemployment support for Tohoku..... :( :(


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