Monday, January 23, 2012

Winters Night

The day started out cloudy, then rainy...but by night it was (drum roll please...) snowing!!!

I've been mumbling and grumbling about how if it was going to be this cold, it might as well snow. Well, someone must have heard me because it really did snow. We don't often get snow like this in Shinjuku so I'm kinda excited, in case you couldn't tell!

And what is the point of having snow if you aren't going to make a snowman?


  1. Yay for snow! I like your minimalist snowman. So cute! I hope the snow will stay around long enough for y'all to enjoy it and then melt right as y'all are tired of it.

  2. Ha! I've been able to make a slushman from time to time.

  3. Nice! Looks like it started to melt and then refroze. Did you make this snowperson?

  4. It was snowing quite heavily, wasn't it?, with unusually (for Tokyo) big flakes. I went for a walk, just around the block, just for fun. It's already melted/melting though. :(

  5. More than a year since i saw snow. Yours seem bright as a sun.

    Please have a good Tuesday.

  6. Finally, you have some real winter! I like the night-time illumination here.

  7. great to have a little snow :)

  8. wow! 雪ですね!
    let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ^0^
    that's a pretty cute faceless snowman you got there.
    anyways, i hope you stay super warm despite the brrr cold weather. ^0^

  9. It would definitely be the first thing I did Kaori haha! Enjoy, and think of me in over 40C for the whole of next week, ugh!!

  10. @Rachel, the snow has mostly melted, but I'm happy that I got my day of snow this year ;D

    @Karin, hope you took a photo, of course!

    @Becky, how are you? I made it while I was waiting for the train to pass...and it was still there this morning! ;D

    @Rurousha, I thought the flakes were pretty big, too! We haven't had snow like this the last couple of years...I think! Can't wait to see your photos ;D

    @Robert, it's been quite sometime since it snowed like this here, too! :D

    @Al, thank you! And yes, I'm finally satisfied that I got my dose of snow this year ;-D

    @Babzy, it really is! :D

    @Arabesque, 雪ですよー♪ It was fantastic...and I'm nice and toasty inside right now :D

    @Grace, so amazing how different the weather can be on the other side of the earth! Or down below? Anyways, will have to blow some of this cold weather your way soon :D

  11. Hee! A cute little mini-snowman.


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