Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here Comes The Rain Again

Why yes, that was me crouching low in between wet bicycles...trying to juggle my bag, camera, and umbrella while keeping my balance.

And I apologize for not posting or commenting on everyone's blogs this weekend. They say time flies but it's zooming past me lately. I will definitely catch up with everyone by tomorrow. I promise.

There is another hurricane coming our way and it was raining all day today. Which is how I ended up getting weird looks while trying to take this photo. I wanted to get all the people holding umbrellas.

Anyways, hope you are all having a good start to the week!


  1. Life sounds pretty hectic for you just now Kaori. Sorry to her about the coming hurricane, you must get used to them, it would freak me out!! I can tell you all your efforts to get this shot were worth it, excellent!

  2. I really like this shot. Hope you get better weather soon!

  3. A delightful image... even if you're fed up with the rains... I am smiling broadly at the image in my mind of you crouching with your hands choc full trying to aim your camera. But I do wonder whether anyone really took notice. :-D As for blogging... relax... this is all supposed to be fun. I sure relate to tempus fugit!

  4. Oh, beautiful photo! I started grinning when I imagined you taking it. Apparently the heaviest rain in Tokyo will fall towards late afternoon, when people start going home. It won't be a fun commute, but at least we're not in Nagoya ...

  5. A veritable galaxy in a fender.

    Stay high and dry; or at least wear some high-fashion boots.

    How about some background music for this Stormy Weather?

    Hurricane or typhoon? Same thing, just different place.

  6. This is an amazing picture !

    Wishing you all a safe and kind Wednesday.

  7. Looks like you could have been under the bridge over Yasukuni Street and temporarily out of range of the strafing raindrops when you took this shot. But not for long.

    Oh, the things you do for your blog. And we love it!

  8. Kaori,
    Your effort was completely paid off!!
    Recently weather is something wrong. Too many stronger typhoons hit Japan.
    I miss gentle rain like the rain in the song “Just Walking In The Rain”.
    Your photo reminds me of such joy on a rainy day.
    Best wishes,

  9. That is a neat perspective! And you know, we have to suffer for our art. LOL!

  10. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments! I'm sure I looked a lot more silly than what you can imagine. haha.

  11. Is this now the rainy season in Japan??

  12. You are very good at catching the right light for these raindrops!

  13. Cafe P -- Our rainy season is late spring but we do have typhoon season in both spring and fall.


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