Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curry, Hawai'i and Manga

One of my favorite curry restaurants in Shinjuku, Mo-yan Curry Shop (もうやんカレー).

They are famous for their 1,000yen all-you-can-eat curry during lunch hours, which I've never been to since I can barely finish a regular plate, but it's very popular. I had their Cheese Curry and it was delicious. You can choose how much rice you want and how spicy you want your curry when you order.

I love this little curry shop not only because they have good curry but for some odd reason the restaurant has a Hawai'ian theme. They play all my favorite Hawai'ian songs and if you look closely in the first photo, you'll even see they have the Merrie Monarch Hula Competition, which is the biggest hula competition in Hawai'i, playing on the TV (and I really love hula!).

They also have rows of manga, which are Japanese comic books, on the shelves for people to read while eating their curry. Isn't this place interesting?


  1. Yes - that place looks totally interesting! I can see why you like it, especially if the curry is good.

  2. I love curry! But I usu find that here in Canada, even when you order it spicy they don't make it so hot. I like it hot!
    This resto looks very welcoming and cozy. I am sure I would like it too.

  3. Curry and Hawaii and manga? I think this restaurant is culturally confused, but what a lovely confusion! I've just Googled them, and they have a fun blog, too. ^^ Thanks for another great hint!

  4. @LadyFi, it is! I go often :D

    @Cathy, they have a really interesting menu, too ;D

    @Halcyon, I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy but you can make these VERY hot! You'd love it ;-D

    @Rurousha, they have a couple of stores, you should definitely go! It's just the right amount of confusion ;D

  5. I really like the place... but can't stand curry!

  6. I like curry... but I don't like mangas!

  7. I do find that combination very intriguing! I bet the owners have fun personalities and a quirky sense of humor. It sounds like the kind of place that I would go to regularly if I lived around there.

  8. Curry is my favorite dish, and I love it very hot. That looks absolutely delicious!

  9. @VP, awww you don't like it? But it's so good! ;D

    @Ciel, well I'm with you there...I haven't read one since high school ;)

    @Rachel, I bet you would. It's a fun place to hang out ;o)

    @Al, I'm always amazed at how spicy and hot some people want their curry to be ;D

  10. This looks like a place you would feel right at home in. The vibe, including the driftwood and surfboard, reminds me of a little funky shop in a laid-back surfing mecca way down on the Izu Peninsula. This is in Shinjuku? Lucky you.

    Looking around the Web I thought for a moment it was also a Swiss-connected shop. Certain of their rice plates resemble the Swiss Matterhorn.

    Clicking on the little video down on the bottom here I could see, from 2:41, how scrumptiously gooey your cheese curry was. Yum. Not only does the master put out tasty (appearing) food but that is one heck of a musical ear worm he implanted in my brain. “♬♩もうやんカレー♪もうやんカレー♬♪...”

  11. Ohhhh please please take me here next time Kaoriiii!!! Looks amazingly cozy & cute :)


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