Monday, February 6, 2012

We Gather Together

Nabe is a popular Japanese dish, especially during the cold weather.

Nabe (pronounced Nah-beh) is actually the name of the pot that the dish is being cooked in. But it is also used to describe this type of dish.

The type of nabe in the photo is called Mizu-taki (水炊き), which stews mostly chicken and vegetables in the pot and when done, we take it and dip it in a little bowl we each have filled with a type of sauce, and eat. Yum!

Not only are these nabe dishes quite healthy but people in Japan believe that eating from the same dish brings us closer together, too!


  1. Nabe is the perfect winter food. Preferably eaten at a kotatsu! :)

  2. That looks yummy! I am going to try to convince my husband to take me to a Japanese restaurant soon!

  3. oh! i miss this Nobe dish already. ^-^
    thanks for posting this.

  4. It is just dinner time here...

  5. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! It was a delicious nabe and I had a great time :D

  6. Kaori,
    Have you cooked "豆乳鍋、Soy milk Nabe"? The other day, I cooked it for the first time, and failed. Taste was great, but 豆乳が分離してしまいました。
    While eating Nabe together, we can become very intimate friends!
    Thanks a lot for timely blog!


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