Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Traditions

A Japanese matsuri (festival) is never complete without people walking around in their Yukata.

A lot of people confuse this with our Kimono. But it's very different, as the Yukata is made of lighter material (usually cotton), has less layers, and we wear the Geta (traditional Japanese sandals) barefoot. Simply put, the Yukata is a summer version of the Kimono.

Festivals like this are pretty much the only time we have a chance to wear the Yukata. I didn't wear one this time but there were a lot of people, from little kids to adults, enjoying the Kagurazaka Festival in their Yukata!

What do you think? Would you like to try one on?


  1. I have tried one. My Dad's got a whole collection of them, which he bought on his many professional trips to Tokyo. That and absolutely gorgeous kimonos. These photos are lovely Kaori!

  2. Do guys wear them too? If so, send me one and I will totally try one on and send a picture back to you.

  3. Yes, I've always been enchanted by them. Good to know the difference between a kimono and a yukata!

  4. I am not sure, but I'll probably try... Do guys do it?

  5. I love the prints/motifs on Japanese fabrics! Would you consider posting snapshots of the Yukatas in your closet? Or in a display window ? ;-)

    Have a happy day, Kaori!

  6. Yukatas were provided when I stayed in a ryokan in Kyoto. I must admit that they are not as colourful as these ones in your photos. Also the belts were plain and not as pretty as these :)

  7. These are wonderful photos !

    Please have a good Tuesday.

  8. Such pretty, summer yukatas! I remember doing summer dancing in my yukata in Gero-Onsen back in 1990!

  9. Somehow I think this overweight American guy wouldn't look right in a Yukata! But I like your photos of the festival.

  10. My legs are so long that when I wear a regular yukata I look less like this, and more like this. Could I say that when I wear a yukata I feel so “happi”?

  11. I certainly would wear one Kaori, I've always loved the way they look, so very feminine.

  12. The mental image of Al made me laugh. Yukata -- I learned something new today.

  13. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the comments :D

    Ciel -- That is fantastic! Hope you have a chance to wear it still :D

    T.A.M -- Yep. I'll buy you one when I stop by Chicago next year :-)

    T. -- I love both wearing and seeing them, too! There are so many designs to chose from :D

    VP -- Yes, there are many men wearing the yukata at festivals, too! ;D

    Ken -- Yukata season has just started here in Japan so I'll be sure to catch a few more pictures of them! :D

    Evelyn -- Yes, the ones in hotels and ryokan are much more simple and the same on can be worn by both men and women. But I like them, too :D

    Robert -- Thank you! Wishing you a great day, too :-)

    Leif -- I bet you were great at Bon-odori in your yukata ;D

    Al -- You're so funny. The great thing about the yukata is that EVERYONE looks good in them! I bet you would, too! ;-D

    Tall Gary -- I bet a lot of non-Japanese people have that problem!

    Perth DP -- That's exactly how I feel when I wear one! Feminine :-)

    Karin -- Even sumo wrestlers wear yukata and they look good! Al has nothing to worry about ;D

  14. I would try one. I think they're beautiful!

  15. haha, why not?! ^0^
    that little girl in the last foto just looks totemo kawaii. ^0^


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