Friday, August 12, 2011

Below the Clouds

The clouds were all fluffy above Shinjuku.

And I was melting on one of the streets below it today. Although this is what I was still hits me as a shock how hot and humid a place can become.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and have a nice and cool weekend scheduled ahead!

Enjoy looking at more beautiful skies all around the world here.


  1. Fabulous skyline. Those clouds look so harmless, yet they don't shied the relentless summer sun, do they? Have a restful weekend, Kaori!

  2. Oooh. I miss Japan and want to go there again!

    Wonderful city~

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Lol, we have more or less an autumn weekend ahead! Still, I don't like humid and muggy at all so though this photo is fantastic, I'll keep my cooler autumn weather!

  4. Beautiful view.

    I am still on virtual vacation – a sabbatical of sorts but love to pop in on people. To me it is something like opening the door on the outhouse...

    You are always in for a big surprise!

  5. What a view ! What a huge city ! Thank you for this journey. Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  6. August on the streets of Tokyo: Like being engulfed in atomized molten lava (to use your so appropriate image). While waiting for the light to change at crosswalks I would turn sideways and stretch as thin as I could while trying to utilize as much meager shade as possible from the narrow traffic-signal pole before third degree burns charred my skin away smoking, and my clothes burst into flames.

    Here it is August where I live now and, even though I bought a kind of towelket in late spring, I still have to sleep covered in a quilt. The nights are around 15º C. Pure heaven.

    Nice view in the foreground of the Central Residence Shinjuku City Tower and Ikebukuro’s Sunshine 60 in the background. They say the area around Sunshine 60 is haunted. Maybe they could turn the air conditioning down and people would still get goose bumps.

  7. The city goes on and on... Big place!
    Stay cool this weekend. Have a good one.

  8. Nice photo!
    It is melting hot in Osaka too. I am hoping for a storm to cool things down!

  9. That is such a huge city! I'd love to see it one day. Did you take that photo from a skyscraper?

  10. This is an absolutely amazing image Kaori, now THAT is what I call a city, it's so huge!! The sky is fabulous too, but I'm totally blown away by what's under it!!

  11. I didn't make this SWF, Kaori, but I'm not needed with a wonderful one like yours! Did you take this photo from a tightrope?!

  12. Nice view and your photo, too.


  13. A beautiful skywatch! Glad you caught this at just the right time. :)

  14. Population of the Greater Tokyo Area: More than thirty-five and a half million! (according to a UN estimate).

    From the article above, the two photographs on the right here look like they were taken in the same spots Kaori was standing when she took this and this.

  15. it is just pretty Kaori,
    i love how the clouds were forming and how the sky separates from the land.


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