Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sushi So Good

Do you have a favorite sushi?

I sadly don't eat meat or any kind of seafood so I don't go to eat sushi very often. But I love tagging along with friends and don't feel as bad when I continue to order egg, cucumber, and okura sushi. Sometimes even my foreign friends shake their heads at me when I ask for sushi without the Wasabi. (I can tell some of you are already shaking your heads at me, too. haha.)

But despite all that, I really adore sushi restaurants.


  1. I don't like to eat raw fish. I don't think we need to kill whales and porpoises and tuna just to satisfy some craving for raw meat.

    I think it would be better to become a cannibal and eat people who eat fish and wildlife. That would be a double whammy.

  2. I'm a bit of a sushi 'pleb' Kaori, I do like Californian roll does that count as sushi and I'm with you on the Wasabi, not keen!!

  3. I never tried eating sushi before. Well, it looks on the picture.

    Maybe I will try eating that one day.

    Cassy from Classical Guitar Lessons

  4. I prefer sashimi... and tuna or salmon are my favorites for either sushi or sashimi. And bring on the wasabi!! YUM. (I take Honest Abe's point, but there are sustainable ways to fish, just like anything else.)

  5. Yellow tail. Though I expect Abe is right. I like Wasabi so much, sometimes I just have Wasabi and rice.

  6. I'll eat any sushi provided I'm sure it's ultra fresh and I love them all. Thanks Kaori, it's going to be dinnertime soon and all I have in the fridge are tomatoes and cucumber... Now I want sushi...


  7. I don't like sushi... but my husband and kids does!

    thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Honest Abe -- I'm a vegetarian so I understand your views perfectly. Although if things came to worst, I'd probably hunt and eat whatever passes by ;-)

    PerthDP -- Yes! That's always one of my favorites :D

    Cassy -- Traditionally it's raw fish on rice. But I eat mostly eggs or cucumber sushi. It's very good :D

    Francisca -- Are you kidding? You eat wasabi? WOW ;D

    Karin -- You, too? I'd be blowing my nose the whole time if I ate wasabi & rice! ;-D

    Ciel -- Maybe you could try a cucumber and tomato sushi? Call it sushi with a french twist? ;0)

    JO -- Thanks for commenting back! There are a lot of people who can't eat it here, too :-D

  9. I'm thinking - since I am also a vegetarian - I'd order your kind of sushi. :)

  10. Oh, I only eat vegetarian sushi and love the egg sushi as well as the tofu pockets. With wasabi.

  11. Since you can eat eggs of poultry I was wondering if you could eat any roe such as here. Then I noticed what is happening to the sea urchin in that link, so maybe you don’t.

    I’m a tarako fan (ha ha).

    Hmm. If you take away that pickled ginger in your top photo what do you have? 取るガリ。OK, I know, that’s a terrible pun. Actually, if you took the ginger away it couldn’t be helped. ショウガないね。

  12. Natto maki would be a healthy vegetarian sushi choice. But why not a Kaori Roll of avocado, egg, natto and what else do you think? Yamaimo? Well, it’s your roll, you can have the ingredients as you like. Maybe it would look something like this without the crab.

  13. Over here they sell a mixture of Sushi, sadly without names. It is various sorts of fish with rice and a great green paste which is hot, but much liked by me. Usually I enjoy Sushi after midnight, while reading.

    Please have a good Thursday.

  14. I'm not a big sushi fan. I do like some fish, and my favorite is smoked salmon. But tonight we had barbeque chicken.

  15. EG Wow -- I really think our kind of sushi is starting to get more popular here, probably to accomodate vegetarians like us :D

    LadyFi -- We call it Inari sushi here. I like it, too ;-D

    Tall Gary -- Actually I don't eat avocado or natto either ;D

    Robert -- I think you may be eating wasabi! It's amazing how so many people like it :D

    Al -- If you go to a more casual sushi restaurant they put everything from smoked salmon to porkchops on top of rice and call it sushi ;D

  16. OISHI SO!! I don't like the raw fish sashimi sushi but I love the other ones!
    Itadaki masu!

  17. Leif -- Dozo meshi agare! :D

  18. don't get me wrong, i love tempura, curry omu, yakitori but anything that's raw, i think i'll pass, blame it on my crazy stomach. ^0^
    but i do love the way it's presented and the crunchy nori. haha.

  19. I wonder if people ate meat/fish, say 2,000 years ago?

    Anyway, I'm not much of a Sushi either...and i'm not a veggie.

  20. The only Japanese restaurant in town is managed by... Chinese and it is not very appealing. I'll try it in some bigger cities.

  21. I LOVE MEAT! LOL, yeah, I cannot imagine not eating it. I love salmon and tuna sushi. 美味しいです!


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