Monday, October 3, 2011

Best Seat in the House

Sports Day, which is actually a national holiday here in Japan, is coming up next week. The days are getting shorter and the air is quite crisp. It's the perfect time to go out and enjoy it!

Last week I went to see a baseball game...and actually got to sit in the dugout. It's been ages since I last sat in a dugout. I was pretty excited to see the action so close.

And there's nothing better than the sound of the baseball hitting the bat!


  1. Very cool perspective! I bet that was a lot of fun!

  2. Rachel stole my line re: perspective. Love this shot. And got to love any country where Sports Day is a national holiday.

  3. I'm not so fond of baseball, but almost all sports are better when you can see the games live!

  4. Excellent angle on this one Kaori, I don't know..sounds a bit too close for comfort!! Gorgeous picture yesterday, the young girl looks like she's having such fun!

  5. Kaori,
    Your photo perfectly conveys your excitement to me!! I agree with you 100%. The sound will make me forget all cares immediately. I love the angle of your photo. Great!!
    My husband and I are great fans of Hanshin Tigers!
    Best wishes,

  6. Excellent position and great angle for the photo. I hope you had fun!

  7. I love the perspective here. I've never sat in a dugout, but I've only ever been to one baseball game and never played.

  8. so when it comes to this sport, i must admit i know zilch about it. ^0^
    but the thrill of being near with the players or the field.
    i think that's priceless. ^0^

  9. Thanks so much for the comments everyone! I had a blast and hope to go again :D


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