Sunday, October 23, 2011

Veggie Delight

This restaurant is called "Noka no Daidokoro," which translates to "Farmer's Kitchen."

I love this place because of the variety of vegetables they have to offer. They get their fresh vegetables straight from over 300 domestic farmers, of which many are organic. Their menu also has an Vegetable Only course, which is perfect for me as a vegetarian.

But not to worry, for those of you who need more than just vegetables, they also have courses that offer meat and fish with the vegetables!


  1. I would love this place. It looks delicious!

  2. I was at a noodle house the other day and thought, "What would Kaori order?"

  3. Not a bad place, I would be happy to try everything...

  4. Yummy! What a colorful meal! Beautiful and good for you: it's a win-win!

  5. Oh, good. You have a restaurant label. I hope to do a Shinjuku restaurant tour when I return some day. This is definitely on my list. I should be able to remember it because we used to go to an izakaya (now gone, but, I can’t really remember, 村さ来?) in the same building. It’s nice that you can come from and go to the train station underground in case of bad weather, is it not?

  6. Looks delicious!

  7. I usually need a bit of protein...

  8. Halcyon -- Yes, it's a popular vegetarian restaurant! :D

    Francisca -- Hi, how are you? It's great to hear from you again ;D

    Karin -- So sweet of you to think of me! *grin* I definitely eat noodles...but maybe not the chicken and stuff on top of it ;-D

    VP -- A lot of non-vegetarians come here too! I'm sure you'd like it! :-D

    Rachel -- I always have a lot of fun trying to fill the glass cup with various vegetables in an appealing way ;D

    Tall Gary -- Yes this is a great place to drop in if you're ever here! :D

    Madge -- Thank you! And it was. It's amazing how full you can get with just vegetables! ;D

    Ciel -- I know you like your protein...not to worry, they have that here, too! :-D

  9. What is that thing with the holes in it in the second picture? And I like the vegetable display. :)

  10. @Becky: that is lotus root.

    They grow in water; the roots in mud. There is a famous lotus pond in Ueno Park in Tokyo. You can see some photos of the colorful flowers, and of the the pond if you click here.

  11. Looks like nice roast vegetables?!

  12. One of your best looking, and tasting, posts!

  13. Becky -- Like Tall Gary said, yes that is lotus root! It's a pretty regular vegetable here in Japan :D

    Babzy -- It was indeed! ;D

    Evelyn -- I'm not really sure how you would call the dish, but yes that sounds about right! ;-D

    CafeP -- Oh thank you! It made me want to go back again, too :D

  14. @Becky: Your next question is probably, “What does it taste like?” Similar to other root (and water) vegetables like water chestnut, raw potato, daikon, jicama. Someone wrote in more detail here.

    My favorite was made by sandwiching two slices over ground or minced chicken (or pork, or shrimp) like here and deep frying. One recipe with shrimp here. More recipes here, and even more can be clicked at the bottom of the page.


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