Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kids R Us

I've been absent for a week now...this have been beyond hectic. But I think I may be back. Pretty sure, anyways! Hope you've all been doing well and having a great week!

Last week I had a chance to hang out with some kids. This may not seem like anything special, but for a single girl living on her's not everyday we get to interact with kids. So it was really fun getting to hang out with a couple of 8-year-old-ish kids.

You can see them fiddling with my cellphone in my photos...but not to worry. They were all over the jungle gyms and forever shooting imaginary bazookas at us and making us chance them around trees and whatever stood in their way. If I had to do that every day, I would probably keel over on the third day...but for the few hours I had with them, it was a blast! What is it about kids and their antics that make  you grin all the way home?

Thank god for kids...they made my day!


  1. Glad you're back! Enjoy the kiddies. :)

  2. Hi Kaori, sounds like you've been flat out busy this last week, that's how it is with kids, but they really are such fun, but exhausting!!

  3. Took me 26 years to get me my first mobile phone. At that age I still was climbing on trees ... time has changed indeed.
    Please have a good new month and Sunday as well.

  4. Welcome back. Missed ya.

    Energy-wise I think adults are like this (at least I am definitely a Model T), and kids are like this. It really is hard to keep up.

    Kids: life, hope, the future, this moment, now, fun, learning, optimism, innocence. And they live in the same world we do. One big difference between this same world we share, as seen by kids versus the world seen by we old fogies is—outlook.

    Your photos made me think of the Zen monk Ryōkan. He loved playing with children too.

  5. Kids will always make us smile!

  6. Hah! You and the kids made me smile. Missed you here in Blogland. But when RL is hectic, it's good to go light, light, light. Spending time with kids is fun and I don't get to do it often enough anymore. Even most of my nieces and nephews are no longer kids, and they with THEIR kids are just too far away. [No biggie, but you meant "chase them around trees..." yes?]

  7. Halcyon -- Thanks so much! And yes, I had a LOT of fun :D

    PerthDP -- Exhausting is the perfect word to describe excited kids! So entertaining though ;D

    Robert -- Oh I know what you mean! They knew buttons even I didn't know about! haha.

    Tall Gary -- Thank you! And yes, you're right about the different! :D

    Louis -- Yes, I won't argue with you there! They are a joy ;D

    Karin -- Yep. I can't seem to wear anything else during the summer! ;-D

    Francisca -- That's just like me! I grew up with 3 younger siblings so it felt like there were always kids I kind of miss the chaos that comes with kids lately! (I'm probably going to regret ever saying this if they actually do come...haha!) And thank you! Yes, I did mean to say "chase!" ;D

  8. :) I always think that kids are great, as long as they are not mine. Play with them for a few hours, and then let them go.

  9. Kaori,
    Thanks a lot for your kind concern.

    I have not played with kids for a long time, but I remember kids are geniuses to create plays and games, they are so creative! If I play with them for a half day, I’m sure I will keel over.
    Your photos are so lovely!
    Best wishes,

  10. kids will always be kids... adorable they are. no matter how naughty or spoiled they can be. ^0^

    they seem to be too engrossed in the game too. haha.


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