Thursday, February 9, 2012

On the Edge

I was walking along the river, which are more like canals here in Shinjuku, when I spotted these little pots of plants decorating the fence.

The plants were so random, cactus and smaller plants like herbs. Someone must have gone through a lot of trouble to place these here. I'm guessing the people who live along the river.

The rosy plant in the top photo was my favorite.


  1. How cool! It just proves that you can have a garden anywhere! What a cheerful little collection of plants! A few of those are succulents, which are some of my favorite kinds of plants to grow since they reproduce themselves and I can't seem to kill them. Ha!

  2. «Louis» understands why the 'rosy' one is your favorite. This would make a nice subject for a watercolor painting.

  3. Plants always make things look better I think Kaori, if I'm not mistaken this one that you like is a geranium!

  4. My succulents just braved a few days under the snow. I like your choice: this flower is so beautiful...

  5. That looks a lot like geranium leaves, I love how you took that photo.

    My plants are dead. Despite my protection efforts, -10° C at night killed them... :-(

  6. Geranium; more accurately—pelargonium; or in Japanese: テンジクアオイの葉 (天竺葵).

    It is funny how some of the PET bottles are standing on their noses. But if you cut a bottle in half you can get two of those bases. Those aren’t simple holes that the wire passes through. They are some kind of insert. The kind gardener went to a lot of work. If I knew their birthday I know just what to get for their birthday.

  7. Great discovery, great shot. Despite the fact that it gives me vertigo! :)

  8. An interesting mix of plants. But a nice idea to add some green!

  9. wonderful wonderful wonderful

    please have a good friday ahead.

  10. @Rachel, a plant that won't die? Where do I find them! It's shameful how I can't seem to keep plants alive for very long :0)

    @Louis, oh I think you're right. If only I could paint :-D

    @Grace, thank you for the plant info! I was just thinking that I forgot to ask everyone what that plant is ;D

    @VP, you must have strong plants over there to live through that snowfall! ;)

    @Ciel, -10C!? I don't think I could live through that either! D:

    @TallGary, I thought it was quite innovative how they decorated that space, too! :D

    @Rurousha, I couldn't find a pretty angle to take the photo so finally I just looked down...but it's okay, it's really not that high! ;D

    @Halcyon, it was really fun just seeing all the types of plants lined up! :-D

    @Robert, thank you so much! Happy Friday to you, too :D

  11. It does really pays if somebody take an effort to beautify the place. The plastic became not just a trash but a pot which is a very good recycling idea. Thanks for sharing.


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