Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chanoki Inari Shrine

This is one of the guardians of the Chanoki Inari Shrine. This shrine is located within the Ichigaya Kamegaoka Hachimangu grounds, which is the main shrine. If you look at the photo below, you can see red lanterns on the top left corner, which is where this shrine is located.

Chanoki Inari Shrine is said to be the first shrine that was made by Kukai, a famous Japanese monk, when he first came to the Kanto area about 1,000 years ago. There are many tea bushes around this shrine, which Kukai brought as medicine from China.

It's said that this shrine has the power to heal eyes. The legend day the white fox, one of the guardians of the shrine, accidentally poked its eye with a branch of a tea bush and hurt it. When it washed its eye with the water from the holy spring, it was healed. And although this spring is no longer in use, many people come here to pray for healthy eyesight to this day.


  1. I need to go there to heal my tired eyes... but I won't mess with that fierce looking fox! :-D

  2. Nice story. I sure would love to visit.

  3. I always like to see the Japanese temples and shrines! Nice snap, Kaori!

  4. May white fox heal my aged eyes too !
    Am I asking too much ? (LOL)
    ┏◎-◎┓ ヘ(+_+;ヘ)・・・

  5. A very interesting post, I could use any help with my eyes now...

  6. He does look a little intimidating!

  7. Ah, my sight is changing too... As usual, very interesting post!

  8. I would prefer to have my eyes healed than get a new pair of glasses! Thank you for the history of the shrine.

  9. Beautiful photos. I love the touches of red.

    Another Inari-Shrine fox. Is there anything in Shinjuku like the New Year’s Eve Fox Parade in Oji?

    I went to a nice healthy restaurant near here in Ichigaya a couple times in the 1980s: Healthy Kan. It was one of two restaurants I found that served tempeh.

    It looks like if you blinked you would miss the entrance to this shrine precinct. Have you been looking around for a good place to...?

    I had walked between Yotsuya and Shinjuku (Station) any number of times but I never thought to add the ten minutes or so to Ichigaya along 405. That looks like a nice walk. Almost no buildings on the east side of the street and all those trees and greenery. Not to mention that bit of former castle moat. Next time!

  10. Actually, the better walk, by far, is on the other side of the tracks: highly recommended.

  11. I love these Japanese shrines - they're always so beautiful. This one has a modern look to it.

  12. What an interesting story Kaori, I bet thousands of people come to visit. I could definitely do with some good luck in the eye department.

  13. Francisca -- The white fox at all Inari shrines are always look vicious! :D

    Evelyn -- I bet you'd be able to draw gorgeous sketches of the shrine! ;-D

    Leif -- Thank you! I like how it's so quiet on the grounds of a shrine :-)

    Anzu -- No, that's not too much! I asked for better eye sight, too! Next time I'll add you to my prayer ;D

    VP -- You have great eyes! Always capturing fantastic photos :D

    Lois -- Inari shrines are one place I wouldn't want to go at night! ;-D

    Ceil -- Probably from posting on your gorgeous blog everyday! :-D

    EG -- Oh me too! I keep on delaying buying a new pair ;-)

    Tall Gary -- The entrance is right next to a school entrance :-)

    Al -- The white fox does look a little modern! :D

    PerthDP -- It seems very popular, maybe because the train station is so close! I'll add your eyes in my prayer when I pass by again :D

  14. i would love to visit this temple, not for my eyesight though,
    but merely to appreciate its beauty and just be thankful of life. ^0^

  15. Beautiful photo and interesting story!


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