Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rainy Season Brings Pretty Flowers

Okay, I couldn't stay away. I'm back in Shinjuku and it's raining. And I couldn't go off for another week without showing you a photo of this gorgeous hydrangea. So many of them are blooming around town and no wonder with all the rain that we've been getting.

Also wanted to show you a bit of Osaka and Kyoto, which is really close to Osaka, as they are both very interesting places.
- people in Osaka stand on the right side of the escalator
(in Tokyo we stand on the left)

- newly opened Osaka Station

- handbags in Kyoto

- random houses in Kyoto

- small creek in Kyoto

- torii of Heian Shrine in Kyoto

- part of the roof of the Heian Shrine entrance

- rabbit-ear iris blooming in middle garden of Heian Shrine

- bridge crossing over Seiho Lake inside Heian Shrine garden

- Shobi-kan standing in the east garden

- main sanctuary of Heian Shrine

- bench outside of a library in Kyoto

- school kids sitting along the Kamo River in Kyoto

- Japanese rice crackers sold in Kyoto

- white clover flowers on the grounds of Osaka castle
(so wanted to make wreaths)

- Osaka Castle

- peeking out the cannon hole of the outer wall

- Otemon Gate, the front entrance of Osaka Castle

- on my way back to Tokyo

So that's a few of my photos from the weekend in Osaka. It was really great just being home with family. I'll be away for a little over a week but will be back at the end of the month. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kaori! The pictures are beautiful.

  2. What a great serie Kaori , thanks :) !

  3. Welcome back to Tokyo and THANKS for showing us some Osaka and Kyoto photos! Brings back memories of my trips there! Do you see the Kinkakuji?
    Genki de ne!

  4. Didn't expect to be hearing from you for a while... Lovely photos to tempt us? Well, you've done it again. Japan is certainly back on my list to visit.

    PS: Want to add a bit of zing to your day? Check out my latest post!

    Happy Thursday. Happy you're back.

  5. Beautiful pictures Kaori! I saw these places a few years ago...

  6. I enjoyed these picture and I found a nice bench to post on my blog of benches!

  7. Thank you for the trip to a place I've heard so much about from my Dad! Have a great time!

  8. What a great and varied set of photos!

    Since you asked about Seattle for your friend, you can click on the "Seattle" tag on my blog and see what we did when we were there last year. Some things that we enjoyed that might not be obvious included the Columbia Center Skyview, which has better views (but not in all directions) than the Space Needle for less money, the Underground Tour, and a ferry to and from Bainbridge which on a nice day gives you some of the best views of the city. It's an amazing city when the weather's good.

  9. So glad you popped in for the tour. The iris coupled with the photo of the Helen Shrine garden is particularly lovely. The random houses remind me of the houses you find along the beach out here.

  10. SO glad you decided to share these with us! I've always wanted to see Kyoto.

  11. Kaoriさんが旅先で見つけた印象的なシーンをご紹介頂けてとても嬉しいです。大阪、京都への旅 楽しまれたみたいですね。エスカレーターでの立ち位置、あれは不思議ですね。

  12. Oh, I'm so glad I didn't miss these... I have such great memories of Osaka and Kyoto. I was just noticing today how beautiful the hydrangea looked and made a mental note to go capture some... See you when you get back.

  13. Thanks for the travelogue.

    The top photo makes me want to say, “Ah. Gee. Sigh.”

    Your Osaka Station caused me to come down with a bad case of acrophobia. Reminds me a teeny bit of the escalator on the Inokashira side of Shibuya Station (X 50).

    I have never been to Osaka but the people from there that I have known have been great; and it is said that the food is too. Ha ha.

    The green pine against the orange gate is knock-out gorgeous. As are any number of other photos you are sharing here.

  14. Amazing views and lovel details. You had a good trip!!



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  15. kaori chan! ^0^
    stunning fotos.
    even though I think the post was a bit hasty, still you manage to gave us beautiful fotos of Kyoto.
    i miss kyoto's serenity though.
    the temples and okashi. ^-^

    i hope you'll have a nice week break, a meaningful one that is. ^0^

  16. Fabulous pics. I am missing Japan a lot. Seeing your photos makes me want to go there even more!

  17. the 1st pic,it's a wonderful wet flowers capture boket

  18. Wonderful photos Kaori, really enjoyed looking at them.

  19. All of them are very familiar to me!! Thanks, Kaori, all of them are great,great photos. Whenever I take an escalator in Tokyo, I am confused. What has made this difference??
    The other day, I went to newly opened Osaka Station and was lost. It is so complicated for me.
    Have a wonderful week!

  20. I sense it's good you have the rain now.
    This reminds me of some art I have to put on my blog. Done here by a couple of Japanese.


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