Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eco As Can Be

Energy conservation is a big theme in not only Shinjuku, but pretty much all of Japan these days. And vending machines are also part of this.

This sticker shows that no lights are used at anytime in order to save energy. What's interesting is that this vending machine was already environmentally-friendly, as it used a solar panel to power the lights at night. But apparently even that wasn't enough.

Many of the companies in Tokyo are also expected to cut approximately 15% of the power consumption from the previous year. So this week my company has also started in on it's energy conservation plan, such as less operating elevators, lights out during noon hours, less lighting in all rooms, higher temperature for air conditioning, and no desk lights. But it's really not so bad and something we'll be getting used to soon.

I'm just thankful they're letting us use the air conditioning again. It's been really hot the last couple of days and although it's only 23C outside...it's already 35C inside the office sometimes. Crossing my fingers for an unusually cool summer.


  1. A good idea, and very necessary. We just need every other vending machine in the world to be fixed now.


  2. Saving energy should be a matter of primary importance everywhere, but we know it's not... Very cool composition on top.

    In answer to your question regarding the mural I posted yesterday, it's Baby Krishna, an Indian 'kind of' God.

  3. It is right to save energy where it is possible, but worsening work conditions (air conditioning) seems a bit pretestuous...

  4. the heat is giving me these intense headaches believe me,
    I can't stop rubbing menthol on my forehead. haha! ^0^

    but what a cool way to save energy esp. with the 自動販売器. ^0^

  5. Very good ideas! It has been so hot here that I'm not sure I would be able to function at work without air conditioning.

  6. what a good initiative :)

  7. Good.

    I work in an open space more's the pity and cannot understand why the lights are on all day long, winter and summer even on bright and sunny days...

  8. I guessed right that it was a foto of a vending machine! Kaori, besides the 4 plants hit by the quake & suami, how many other nuke plants has Japan shutdown?

    And thks for your comment. I have dug up more of those historical fotos.

  9. Although in a somewhat different context I like to think of the changes at your workplace as being, in a way, like the difference between this and this.

  10. What a great mean to measure time and life.

    During midday nearly 30C outside over here. Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens

  11. I have a feeling many energy-saving ideas will come out of Japan because of the terrible disasters that happened in your country this year. It's still a bit too soon to know what they will be...but I won't be surprised when they are announced.

  12. Energy-saving is a critical thing for humanity's future, as energy is going to be one of the key limitations in the next 50 years. At work, they have also turned the lights off for the vending machines. But it's purely a money-saving thing.

    Unfortunately, in the greater scheme of things, energy-saving and recycling haven't caught on where I live. There's no public transportation within 8 km of my house, they charge for pickup of recyclables (intelligently-run places require it), and houses are ridiculously large (ours is approximately 400 square meters, ridiculous for the cold climate in which we live, where temperatures went down to -29 C last winter). I have a feeling that we're in for a nasty wake-up call in the next couple of decades.

    Sorry for the rambling comment, but I always enjoy reading your blog.

  13. Chrissy Brand -- Since we seem to have so many vending machines, they are getting more environmentally-friendly each year, which is a great thing :D

    JM -- Thank you! And thank you for the reply...I'm glad my guess at the mural being Indian was right ;D

    VP -- Well, the company was pushing for no air conditioning early on...but now it's set at 28C, which is not that bad :-D

    Arabesque -- Oh I can imagine it would be super hot where you are! The heat, thankfully, is not as intense here. Rubbing menthol is a new idea, maybe I'll try it this summer! :D

    Lois -- I'm sure we would all pass out if there were no air conditioning! Florida may have similar weather as Tokyo, humidity wise, since we are both surrounded by water :D

    Babzy -- Yes, it is! Although we weren't really given a choice. hehe :^)

    Ciel -- Well, it's not really good for our eyes to work on our computers in such a dark room. I'm thinking about investing in a contact/eye-glass company...they should make a profit this year! :D

    Cafe P -- Wow, good guess! Regarding the nuclear plants, there are 54 plants in Japan and as of today there are 17 operating, as opposed to the day before the 3.11 earthquake when 35 plants were operating. Many of the plants go through manditory inspections and there are always some that are shutdown. But regarding eastern Japan, where the quake hit, there were 15 of the 24 plants operating before the quake but now all but 5 are shutdown due to the tsunami, tsunami precaution, or other inspection needs.

  14. Tall Gary -- Thank goodness we have many windows...although that just heats up the place every afternoon :-D

    Robert -- Wow! It's so hot already? I can't imagine what it will be like in August! Hope you are enjoying something cool today :D

    EG Wow -- You're probably right! There's no time like the present to get creative! ;-D

    Al -- Don't apologize, I love a good long comment about what's on your mind! And I do think you have a point...going green has been a popular topic for a long time in Japan, too. But sometimes it seems like we need to be forced into the situation, like we are now, to take large steps forward. I hope this disaster will somehow turn out to help to look into our future and try to figure out what needs to be done to preserve or enhance the enviroment that we have now :D

  15. I've never seen a solar powered vending machine. Great invention.

    Your photo reminds me about the many vending machines in Japan. Love them especially in summer.

  16. Evelyn -- This is the newest type of Coca-cola vending machine! It's really interesting seeing how they transform. And yes, they are a life savor in the summer! :D

  17. This was an informative post and I enjoyed reading all the thoughtful comments. I agree with just about all of it!


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