Friday, June 10, 2011

Rise Up

These are the two buildings that are waiting for tenants to move in. The one of the left is the Shinjuku Front Tower I posted about on theme day and the one of the right is called Nishi Shinjuku 8-chome Project, which obviously is still a tentative name. I think it's scheduled to be completed at the end of this year.

I liked how the sky reflected on to the building's windows.

On a personal note, I'm heading down to Osaka to see my parents for an extended weekend today. Then after a couple of days back in Tokyo, I'll be heading north this time to spend a week volunteering in an area still affected in the aftermath of the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami. So I may not be able to have new posts ready for about 2 weeks but will try to go see all your lovely photos when I have the time! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy looking at more beautiful skies all around the world here.

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  1. You have to look waaaaay up to see the sky!


    Red sky in morning,
    Sailors take warning!

    Who knows what might happen out on the sea?
    Waves riding high,
    Waves to the sky,
    Waves crashing and dashing all over me!

    Red sky at night,
    Sailors delight!

    Leeward or windward we sail with no fear;
    Water is calm,
    Healing like balm—
    Ahoy, fellow sailors, landfall is near!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sky and Shiva

  2. I like the framing you chose on this one. It make looks those building higher...

  3. wonderful perspective...I love the way you've composed this image!

  4. As my mother used to say when we were kids and walked out the house door: "have fun, good luck, be careful!"
    Genki de ne!

  5. Beautiful capture and great composition.

  6. Nice, I love the sky reflected in city buildings too.

  7. Hi Kaori

    Nice photo, very tallllll.

    Good luck with your trip up north.


  8. i love your composition and perspective. enjoy your trip!

  9. Excellent image Kaori, hope all goes well with your trip.

  10. This is beautiful Kaori.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    " Regina "

  11. Stark lines, perfect for photography. Are these going to be offices? You are talking about 'tenants', so I was wondering.

    Have a very good time.

  12. Love the angle!!! Makes these buildings so much more interesting!!!

  13. What a superb, balanced use of negative space.

    To paraphrase The Heart Sutra: ...form in emptiness, emptiness in form...

    Even within the empty sky there are forms of clouds. The buildings almost look transparent in places, like they are empty...

    It is commendable that people like you are doing what they can to help. Good for you Kaori! It would be good if the government or NGOs set up programs to remunerate volunteers for their own, personal expenses; but I have paid to do volunteer work in the past...

    Don’t step on any rusty nails! OK?

  14. i just watched a documentary from nhk about the aftermath of the quake,
    it was heart wrenching to see and hear their stories.
    kind of you to help those in need kaori chan.
    i wish you a safe trip. ^0^

    i hope you'll have a relaxing weekend in Osaka.
    will be patiently waiting for your new fotos. ^0^

  15. I love composition in your photo. Both buildings are soaring up to the sky!!
    You were in Osaka for weekend. I was born in Kyoto and raised in Osaka. Whenever I go to Osaka,I will find some good change. Did you see new face of Osaka Station?

  16. Good sky shot. I'm sure your weekend in Osaka was splendid. I'm not sure how to properly say "anzen'na ryokō no" for your special mission. See you when you get back.

  17. Like the lines of this! Good luck on your trip, please let us know how things are in the area affected by the quake.


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