Saturday, August 27, 2011

Key Notes

Sometimes I have this sudden urge to play the piano.

I took lessons in grade school, although I cried through most of it. Never could play well in front of people. But I always loved the feel of the keys and the music it produced. So whenever I get the urge, I stop by the Shimamura Music store inside the Seibu Shinjuku Station building to play around with thier keyboards.

And I can still play a mean version of the chopsticks.

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  1. Nice key reflection ; I have a weakness for books reflection too : nice sharing indeed !

  2. Nice work Kaori, great reflections. Keep tinkling those keys!!

  3. Playing the piano is a talent which one can use and enjoy throughout one's life! Keep practicing your version of "chopsticks!" Ganbatte kudasai!
    : - )

  4. I’m hearing this.

    “Chopsticks.” It’s all about food with you, isn’t it? (Ha ha).

    For the longest time I saw the reflected bookshelves in your top photo as three volumes leaning to the right in a kind of strangely cropped way.

    I guess playing in front of people is a skill in itself (I wouldn’t know though). If I’m not quivering like I’m in the advanced throes of Parkinson’s, which has been an assumption, I space out: “Wow! Listen to those acoustics way up there in this dome. Oops. Totally wrong note. I better fake it until I can get back to familiar territory, like the beginning again?”

  5. Oh (sorry for the double comments), have you seen the movie “Once” (2006)? There is a good piano-played-in-a-music-store scene.

  6. I was recently looking at reflections on a piano too, but couldn't get close enough to it. I was in the audience, too far from the stage, and there wasn't enough light for a shot without flash. Like you, I've always wanted to play piano, but for various good and not so good reasons I never got to it. My grandmother was a concert pianist... and I loved to hear/see her play and sing. We played together the one year we had a piano in our house. Decades later and decades ago, when Word was first introduced, there was a "tip" when you opened the program. One of them was, "It's never too late to learn how to play the piano." Yeah yeah yeah... but it just didn't happen. Maybe I can still play chopsticks, too. :-D

  7. These shots are very good, Kaori. I especially like the second one, with the keys receding to the vanishing point!

    My mother was an excellent pianist and in mid-life took up the organ. Myself, although I had piano lessons and they were good for me, I did not connect with the instrument. I did learn to play guitar, however!

  8. Excellent images, I like piano music, but I can't play a single note!

  9. Nice reflections. I always wished I could play the piano.

  10. Mmm, I envy you. I'd love to be able to play an instrument.... Sure I guess I can learn now... but there's only so much time..

  11. haha. i don't think i'm really that disciplined to learn either. ^0^
    i have bad mem'ries about piano, still can play a tune or too, but that's it, all that Bach music is long forgotten. ^0^


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