Friday, May 27, 2011

Dreams of Dusk

I love the sky right when the sun starts to set. Something so dreamy and romantic at that moment. Hope you are all have a lovely weekend!

Enjoy looking at more beautiful skies all around the world here.

PS: I'm very sorry I haven't been by all your posts to comment...something is wrong with my account and I can't seem to login or comment on anyones posts. Will be by as soon as I'm able. xx


  1. The skies' calming blend of colours is wonderful to look at... dreamy it is.:)

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I so love it too!The color is pastel which is not too often see it. Happy weekend1

    Sky Watch

  3. Nice sky , have a good weekend !

  4. What a lovely soft beautiful sky. I agree, dusk is a beautiful time of day!

  5. Happy Weekend to you too. Hope your account fixes itself.

  6. I had the same problem with comments and log in/log out. Here was the solution: I switched from Internet Explorer to Chrome. Then I went to Internet options and deleted all the cookies. If you're currently using something like Firefox, I believe just deleting the cookies will work.

    Apparently this had something to do with Blogger's blow-up in May.

    I like your sky with all the interesting silhouettes.

  7. Just like it has just been said. You might want to check the blogger help forum where there are workarounds posted.

    Lovely sky!
    Happy weekend!

  8. Even when free, we want perfect service when we depend on it... and I'm not being sarcastic! Boo on Blogger for this Blowup. I agree, Kaori, this is a special moment of the day. Think I'll go out for a walk now.

  9. I like very much the image, but even more your title!


Thank you so much! Love it when you comment! xx