Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

Do you like tomatoes? Do you also like ramen? If you do, this is for you.

Tomato-men (Tomato noodle) is, for some reason, quite popular lately. So naturally I had to try it. Some ramen stores have tomato-men on their menu but this store, Taiyo no Tomato-men (太陽のトマト麺), specializes in tomato-men.

I tried the Cheese Tomato Ramen and you know what? It was surprisingly good! The soup was very thick with a hint of basil. And of course, cheese is good on anything!

So what do you think? Do you want to try it?


  1. Yes! I do want to try it! Sounds delish! And I have never seen such a fancy ramen noodle entree. - And you have a great title too! My daughter and I love to listen to our Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong version of that song in the car. Much fun!

  2. もちろん! ^0^
    i'd definitely like to try this one. love, love ramen. ^0^

    haha, my sis and i actually have this silly song for the title,
    can't stop thinking about it now,
    (having a last song syndrome. ^0^)

  3. To be perfectly honest, I'd probably go for something more traditional though it does look good! :-)

  4. Yes, please. I’m in.

    The chicken-stock soup base sounds delish.

    I like their shop sign 太陽のト❦ト麺。

    I love the way that granulated cheese is melting in the hot tomato soup in your top photo. Now if that was only garlic paste...(P U☺).

  5. If you combined this shop with a certain Southeast Asian restaurant and wanted to order some spicy soup after you had your tomato ramen you could say 「タイようの“トム”後」。

  6. I'd like to try it, I like tomato in every form!

  7. How happy it looks.

    Yes, would love to try. Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  8. I like tomato soup, and some basil is almost mandatory. I also like ramen. So that looks delicious to me. Send some over!

  9. Yummmm, yes, sounds good to me! (That's after a dinner of frozen waffles! :(

  10. MyLord, that looks like a veritable 7th heaven. I had been to Ducky Duck on the same floor and one floor above—Soup-ya and the okonomiyaki place. Small world.

  11. yes, I would love to try it. I think it will be very nice.

  12. Wow, sounds very good.
    I definitely want to try it!!
    It seems something like marriage of ramen and spaghetti??
    Have a nice day!


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