Monday, May 23, 2011

Hidden Treasures

We've hit the rainy season, although it's not official yet.

One of my favorite pastimes on a rainy day is to sit by the window and read. And what better place to find a good story than a bookstore?

The Blue Parrot has been my favorite used English bookstore since college, when they had a store down the street from my university. But even after they moved their location to Shinjuku, I've come to browse often.

They have all sorts of books, everything from fiction to travel books. And because these books are so much cheaper than buying regular English books in Japan (usually around 2,000yen or US$20), I like to randomly pick up books by authors I've never read before.

For me, this place is like a big treasure box and I always find something interesting every time I go...and yes, I'm often there for hours at a time!


  1. I love used bookstores - browsing in my favorite sections (science fiction, music, photography) is always a pleasure. Although too many have closed down in my city, and the last remaining good one just lost its lease. Hopefully they'll find a new place to re-open.

  2. we have a 2nd hand here also that i used to visit,
    browsing through pages and not knowing what you'd find is one of my favorites, it's like discovering some treasure. ^0^

    btw, what are you reading lately kaori?

  3. Bookstores are my favourite stores too, but dangerous for if I start browsing I want to buy more books than I can carry! I love it!

  4. Thank you, Kaori. You reminded me of the joy and fun of browsing in a bookshop. Recently I have been using Amazon. Next rainy day, I will visit a bookshop.
    Have a pleasant day!

  5. I could spend a whole day in there just browsing around. What a great place!

  6. This seems a nice bookstore. It is not so easy here to get English titles, maybe easier than some years ago, but only for the best sellers.

  7. a good place , i understand why you like it ;)

  8. Never let me loose in there! I wouldn't be able to carry my booty!

  9. Oh, yes. You should be able to find things you enjoy that you would never dream of wanting to read were they not in a used book store waiting for a browsing hand.

    Is that Yogananda in the photo at top?

    I see “Cheaper by the Dozen” in your bottom photo. I enjoyed that, I believe, in elementary school.

    “Chinese Astrology”: Being Capricorn means that I am one animal year in China and another in Japan. I wonder which I really am.

    Hmmm. “Fresh Milk.” I expect the table of contents to look something like this.

    And one that I hope is an efficacious how-to book for you: “Dreams That Come True.”

  10. The Blu parrot!!すごく懐かしい!確かその昔青山にあったよね??
    KaoriにはなくてはならないSpecial Placeだよね~(゜∇^*) ♪

  11. what an oasis.

    please have a wonderful tuesday.

    daily athens

  12. 青山の方が私には便利だったなぁ~(残念)

  13. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments :D

    Al -- it must be hard to keep a used bookstore open...but I hope we'll always have them around!

    Arabesque -- exactly! I've found so many interesting authors Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, which I randomly bought because I liked the cover! :D

    Reader Wil -- I know what you mean...I try to pace myself, too!

    Snowwhite -- I use Amazon when I want a specific book, too. But used bookstores are great fun for finding random stories! :D

    Lois -- it's a small store but I'm could browse for a couple of hours sometimes! Time really flies in there!

  14. VP -- Tokyo doesn't have many bookstores that sell English books either. So it makes this store all the more special!

    Babzy -- Thank you! I'm there often :D

    Ciel -- I understand completely. Sadly I have no self-control when it comes to books.

    Tall Gary -- They have a Japanese section that I think you may like!

  15. Masae -- 覚えてる?(笑)本当に貴重なお店なんだよねー!やっぱり電子本とか便利だけど、本物の本っていいよね♪

    Robert -- Thank you. It really is a relaxing place :D

    Anzu -- 横浜の方でしたらちょっと遠いですね!でも山手線沿いで、駅からも近いですので、いつかお時間がある時にぜひ!絵本や写真集も置いているセクションありますよ♪

  16. this is not only a treasure but even a real pleasure

  17. Oh boy, I enter a bookstore, you never get me out... and I've read a handful of Murakami novels the past few years. Ishiguro, too.


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