Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here Comes the Rain Again

Another rainy day. It's suppose to be like this for the rest of the week.

The temperature is almost chilly, which is perfect for all of us who work inside an office building, because it can get quite stuffy without using air conditioning. There are rumors currently going around that we'll all have to go into work an hour early or that we'll have to work weekends and take weekdays off in order to conserve energy this summer.

So although the rainy season is not my favorite time of the year, I have a feeling it's going to be a looong summer so I'm going to enjoy the cool rainy season while it lasts!


  1. Pretty pink photo! Lovely blooms with the rain on them!
    Kind regards from the Rotary International convention in New Orleans

  2. Beautiful images, I love the colors after the rain! It is already too hot here, some rain wouldn't be too bad!

  3. Hi dear blogging friend! Please send some rain to us!! It's drier here than it ever was in many years and we can see that our plants need watering. The Netherland is famous for its rain, but... not now! Well we Dutch are also famous for complaining, so... we should be happy with the sunshine and enjoy!Your photos are very beautiful! Have a great day!

  4. Wil made me laugh.

    Kaori, I hadn't even thought about that. No power, no a/c, probably no windows in the office buildings, either. I'll wish you an unusually long rainy season.

  5. Leif -- Thank you! Are you in the New Orleans right now? Hope you have fun!

    VP -- I like the smell after it rains, too! hehe.

    Reader Wil -- You have me laughing like Karin! haha! I've never heard that your people are famous for complaining...too funny! Ah well...mother nature is sure to bring rain to your side soon ;D

    Karin -- It's not that bad yet. And it's not as if we don't have power, just limiting our use. And since we need phones and computers to actually work...it's the air conditioning and lights that get turned off. We're all hoping for an extra long rainy (i.e. cool and breezy) season this year :-D

  6. We are so dry here that I have given up watering my yard. I hope we get some rain soon!

  7. i like your rainy picture :)

  8. Both shots are beautiful but the composition on top has just won! :-) Love the contrast to the urban blurred background.

  9. Grey skies weeping rain
    My eyes suffused with redness
    All these azaleas

    So often I can hear the soundtrack to your posts. Such as this.

    Please accept my commiserations for your upcoming (and present) working conditions. In the winter you can always bundle up with extra warm clothes if you have no heat, but the summer in Tokyo without air conditioning? I guess every 30 minutes you and coworkers will have to stand up and take a hint from Thailand.

  10. Lois -- It is definitely wet here. Wish I could send you a couple of showers!

    TTWP -- Thank you! Not so bad for a rainy day :D

    Babzy -- Thanks you! Rainy pics to continue :D

    JM -- The bright pink Azaleas were growing on a corner of a intersection!

    Tall Gary -- It's going to be an interesting summer, that's for sure :D

    Greensboro DP -- Thank you! :D

  11. At least the flowers in the rain were a pick-me-up.

  12. I like the rain. Flowers look lovely...

  13. You too, huh? We're both in for a rainy weekend.

    Songda's here already but thank goodness its center isn't making landfall. It'll weaken, but its rains will still reach you on Monday.

    Stay dry.

  14. Oh, and I absolutely adore your first photo! :)

  15. Robert -- "liquide sunshine!" I love it!

    Birdman -- They really were. Can't miss all that pink :D

    Evelyn -- Thank you! Since they're the official City Flower, they are everywhere :D

    Hilda -- I hear number 2 is heading this way! Thanks for the heads up. It's already suppose to rain again tomorrow night :-)


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