Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunny Afternoon

I've been eating lunch on this bench lately.

It's inside the grounds of Jo-enji Temple and a perfect spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon. Especially since the bench sits right under the big cherry tree, you can enjoy a nice breeze in the shade.


  1. now i know where to find you! haha. ^0^ it sounds nice to sit under the tree whilst having a break.
    i wish we have that kind of cool feeling here too. ^0^
    happy eating kaori...

  2. Cool photo! It's so good to have lunch outside, sitting in the shade of a cherry tree. I eat more food outside than inside.
    I love a leaf in the first photo.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Now when I see a gurl sitting & eating under a tree, I'll think of you! And dream...

  4. I love the elegant, serene simplicity of this single leaf on the smooth bench with the textured pebbles below....beautiful!

  5. A perfect spot for lunch, if you have a picture with the whole bench I'd like to post it on my bench blog: it is such a lovely place!

  6. i like the first shot , very good angle :)

  7. I wish I could have lunch with you! :-)You'd tell me all about the Temple!

  8. Nice composition for this one.

  9. Lovely, lovely... I hope you don't wear stiletto heals, though. :-D

  10. The dappled sunlight playing across the surface of the pebbles makes them almost look like they are under clear water. I first thought your top photo was of a moon-viewing platform.

    What a treat it must be to be able to eat lunch outside in the quiet of a temple in the shade of a large cherry tree.

    Not far from this temple at a now-extinct fondue restaurant I first had a bottle of Southern French wine from the Minervois region. I recently found another Minervois wine and when I open it in a few days I will offer a toast to Joenji Temple which will not be totally inappropriate as we can see from the bottom paragraph, first line, here.

  11. I love both these photos. I could enjoy just relaxing here for an afternoon!

  12. wonderful wonderful wonderful pictures !

    daily athens

  13. Lovely, lovely place to spend a quiet lunch.

    As long as there are no pigeons! :p

  14. TTWP -- Thank you! My favorite bench right now :D

    Arabesque -- You'll have no problem finding me. I'll be the one sitting there with a camera in my hand :D

    Snowwhite -- Thank you! It's the perfect weather to eat outside right now. I thought I'd get as many days in before it got too hot ;D

    Karin -- It's amazing because the temple is right along a very big road...and yet it's very quite inside :-)

    Cafe P -- I really have a hard time heading back to the office after my time here :-D

    LauraX -- Thank you! It's a very peaceful spot in a busy city :-)

  15. VP -- I'd love it if you'd use this bench! I'll go by to take another pic of the whole bench soon and let you know :D

    Babzy -- Thank you! Couldn't resist the textures :-)

    Ciel -- You're welcome to come join me anytime! :D

    Birdman -- Thank you! It's a spot often used in magazines as well :-)

    Francisca -- I'm actually very good at balancing on my toes. hehe! ;D

    Tall Gary -- It's really a great spot :D

    Al -- The sound of birds and the wind fill the silence and it's very relaxing :D

    Robert -- Thank you! One of my favorite relaxing spots :-D

    Hilda -- No worries! There are no pigeons here...although I did get bit by a mosquito ;D

  16. Looks like a nice spot for lunch.

  17. Now that I have popped the cork on that Minervois (good!) I dropped by to toast Joen-ji. 「乾杯常圓寺様達」。

    Today, I got a fun book about ninja, titled: "Ninja Attack!" It mentions that the grave site of Hattori Hanzo (of “Hanzomon” fame [also here] ) is at Sainen-ji Temple (西念寺)about 12 minutes by foot from here. Shinjuku is so cool!


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