Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bright at Night

Ginkgo leaves are gorgeous at night, too!

It's once again my busy season at work and since the sun sets around 4:30pm these days, I've only been able to enjoy the brilliant yellow leaves after dark. But they are quite beautiful under the street lights and many people were looking up to admire them while walking by.


  1. I'm sorry that you have to work until after dark. That is no fun! But what a great thing to see the the trees are even beautiful at night!

  2. No fun being stuck inside all day (and I hope you like your work!), but I'd be looking up at the leaves after dark, too.

  3. Yea, more gingkos. I love the perspective in the first shot -- most original.

  4. I hear this when I look at the top photo. It somehow looks so Christmasy.

    Your night shots are more beautiful than day shots like here.

  5. I love that first photo! Such a lovely contrast between the purple-blue-black night sky and the yellow leaves!

  6. What lovely shots!

  7. The sun sets around 4:30PM? I guess it must have risen up early too. By the way, it's really beautiful, no doubt people would look up to the leaves as the walk by. It's not available throughout the year. :)

  8. The golden effect is even more remarkable at night or late afternoon!

  9. Thank you always for the comments! :-)

    @Rachel, it really is no fun! But happy to have the trees to gaze at on my way home!

    @Francisca, yes good thing I like what I do! But I'm taking a few days off for the holidays so it's actually my own fault that I'm so no more complaining from me! (hopefully)

    @Karin, that was just me...looking up!

    @TallGary, thank you! The colors really stood out in the dark.

    @Rurousha, hoping to see more fall from you, too!

    @ladyfi, thank you so much!

    @Keseven, actually the days get shorter in the winter so the sun comes out later in the morning, too...around 6:45am these days.

    @VP, you're right, it seems to stand out more at night!

  10. Why is this your busy work season?

  11. Ugh, I miss trees. Not enough of them in town in Fukuoka.

    First thing I'ma do when I go home is hug a tree.

    Maybe slip it the tongue if the moment feels right.

    I am serious, btw.

  12. I'm jealous!!! beautiful colors!!! We seem to be a mixture of white and dull brown up here right now!!!


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