Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot Pink

I think this is a type of camellia.

The bright pink caught my eye. I love that flowers as bright and cheerful as this chose to bloom at the start of winter every year. It really brightens up my day!

NOTE: I've learned from Rurousha that these flowers are called Sazanka (山茶花) in Japanese and I guess is technically a camellia as its scientific name is Camellia  Sasanqua. But like she said in the comments, the Sazanka blooms in early winter as apposed to camellias in late winter and you can tell the difference as a Sazanka drops its petals one by one while a Camellia drops the whole flower!

Thank you Rurousha!!! (And everyone else, please go see her blog filled with gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS!!!) photos of Japan!!!)


  1. It is so nice your photo!
    A wish you a happy afternoon!

  2. The color is beautiful! I can see how it would cheer you up. It has certainly cheered me. :)

  3. Definitely a camellia, and most assuredly pink. I wonder why your cams bloom now, and ours wait until early spring.

  4. A beautiful camellia bloom! Some of ours are blooming now and others will bloom in February. I love them so much for that reason. They bloom during the darkest, dreariest, and coldest time of the year. I love their promise of new life and the varieties of their colors. In fact, Alabama's state flower is the camellia, which is kind of strange since they aren't indigenous. They are originally from China. - I am so glad that you got a laugh about the people of Scottish descent! I liked too!

  5. That is one gorgeous camellia!

  6. Lovely! We have to wait until January-February for the first camelias to bloom!

  7. Wonderful and delicate color!

  8. Your hot pink camellia is more beautiful than a painting.

  9. And it brightens my day too! We don't get anything like this in winter here, it's just too cold at night for any flower to survive. Nice shot!

  10. What a totally gorgeous colour! It makes you feel warmer on a cold winter's day. I think this is sazanka (山茶花), scientific name Camellia sasanqua. Sazanka blooms in early winter, camellia in late winter. Sazanka drops its petals one by one, camellia drops the whole flower.

  11. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the comments!

    @HansHB, Thank you so much!

    @Halcyon, it really stands out doesn't it? :D

    @Karin, Apparently they aren't camellias. I had no idea!

    @Rachel, these blooms really brighten up the gloomy days for sure! And who knew they were Alabama's state flower? Wow :-D

    @Lois, Thank you!

    @Ciel, they must be really strong to bloom during the coldest months! :D

    @VP, thank you! ;D

    @Tall Gary, thank you!

    @Robert, thank you!

    @Al, I can imagine not many flowers could bloom in your cold weather...but you never now! :D

    @Rurousha, you are brilliant! I had no idea there was such a flower and now I know the difference. The flowers here were dropping its petals one by one! Thank you! ;D

  12. It's interesting how our tastes change. As a girl, I was not fond of pink. But then HOT pink was introduced... like this gorgeous bloom... and that rocks!

  13. Definitely a camelia!!! One of my favorite flowers!
    And this one is perfect!!!


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