Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Trees

I'm keeping this short...Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Oh, Kaori, I hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! Those trees are lovely. I really like that chandelier wreath. So pretty! - It is raining here, but last year we had snow on Christmas and we are still savoring that amazing treat. LOL!

  2. More lovely trees. Now it's the 26th, and the Christmas decorations will be replaced with kadomatsu and other New Year's decorations almost overnight. The speed of this change always startles me. PS: Kaori, don't work too hard in this last week of the year! I hope you can take a few days off?

  3. A Christmas for you just as beautiful.

  4. @Rachel, thank you! I really envy your white Christmas, even if it was last's been ages since I've seen snow on Christmas! :D

    @Rurousha, Thanks so much, I am actually in Osaka at my parents place! Yay! (Which is why I had a hectic week last order to take 3 days off this week!)

    @Robert, thank you so much! Warm holiday wishes to you, too :D

  5. Such beautiful Christmas trees! We'll keep our family room and dining room Christmas trees up until Saturday, January 7!


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