Sunday, December 11, 2011

Zabon Ramen

Here is another delicious ramen dish!

Zabon is a popular ramen shop that has a couple of stores in Shinjuku. It is a type of ramen from Kagoshima prefecture. I had the Egg Ramen, which is a soy sause based pork broth soup with eggs, Japanese mushrooms, seaweed, and the pork slices which we call "Chashu."

It was really good and I lapped it all up in no time. There's something about cold weather that makes you want to stuff yourself inside the tiny shop with other customers and enjoy a tasty bowl of ramen.

So if you're ever in Shinjuku, you'll have to stop by and have a try yourself!


  1. It looks lovely, - I would realy like to taste it!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Wait a minute... I thought you were vegetarian? Am I getting tired? Confused you with someone else? Never mind... the ramen looks YUM... and even if it's 11 pm here, I could happily have it as my midnight snack.

  3. I do not like eggs, but the picture is great...

  4. Oishisou----Can we please go to this place when I go back next time? :)

  5. I will definitely do that Kaori, looks delish!

  6. I don't like eggs, so I'd have to pass this one up. But it does look nicely presented (for eggs, anyway!). :)

  7. Never had it but would like to try this dish. Glad I'm not on a salt-free diet!!

  8. I’m with Francisca. I thought you were vegetarian. Did you just leave the chashu on the side of the bowl? Or do you sometimes decide that eating meat once in a while won’t turn you instantly into a hairy beast yourself?

    Speaking of hairy beasts, it looks like you can see one of those if you walk deeper into Kabuki-cho using the street at the intersection Zabon is on opposite the Green Plaza (which could be used as a kind of flophouse if one sorely missed a last train). That Kabuki-cho chimpira, oops, I mean gorilla is a little further down than Shinanoya on the right. Shinanoya had the least expensive Chimay beer in Tokyo. Shinanoya turned me into a wine nut when, on a whim, a friend and I split the cost of a bottle of Chateau Latour, 1992. “Aha! So this is what good wine is about!” It wasn't all that great but I could see the potential. I liked the hint of black olive. Just checked and saw that that same bottle of wine today is going for 10 times the price we paid. Oh well, it is a First-Growth Bordeaux.

    Hmm, it looks like gorillas are on to something in Tokyo, avoiding crowded subways like here in Sangenjaya or this guy that likes to check out the diners at the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi. Gorillas adroitly climbing over buildings in Tokyo are so much more gentle than this.

  9. I could use some Ramen right now! What kinda eggs are those?

  10. That does look tasty. Next time we get a chance to visit my in-laws, I will definitely seek this place out.

  11. Oh, man! That looks delicious! And my mouth is watering from the way you have described it. That is a far cry from the kind of ramen noodles that we can get here!

  12. My replies are so late but better late than never, right? Thanks so much for the comments, always :D

    @HansHB, I hope you get a chance to someday! It's very good :D

    @Francisca, good memory! Yes, I am a friend ate my pork slices for me! I love having meat-eating friends so I don't have to put it to waste ;D

    @VP, we love eggs in Japan! :D

    @Mariko, Yes! We'll definitely have to go next time! ;-D

    @Stephanie, thank you, it was!

    @Grace, you won't want to miss it! ;D

    @Halcyon, no worries...there are different types of ramen, without eggs!

    @Kate, I could never go on a salt-free diet! Is that even possible? ;D

    @TallGary, I would gladly eat meat if I could but can't seem to keep it in yes, still a vegetarian! :-D

    @CafeP, I hope they're regular chicken eggs...we call boiled eggs "Yu-de Tamago" here :D

    @VM, do you in-laws live in Japan? Then you'll definitely have to come and have a taste! ;D

    @Rachel, I used to eat Sapporo Ichiban instant noodles back in Michigan...but once you've had this, it's hard to go back! ;-D

  13. Kaori
    I'd come with you anytime, and eat whatever you don't. 美味しそう!


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