Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ocean's Table

This is starting to become a food blog with a dash of sorry. I will promise to get out more as soon as possible!

But anyways, just wanted to share what I had at the cafe Ocean's Table the other day. Doesn't the Taco Rice look good? It's a Japanese dish that people love to think is from Hawai'i or somewhere else...but it's really not. haha.

I also love the cafe's interior design, especially the tables with the palm trees and seagulls!


  1. I'm intrigued. What's in this dish?

  2. I'm not complaining! Please keep the yummy Japanese food photos coming!

  3. Now my stomach is growling! That looks like a taco salad with an egg on top. Very interesting! I am thankful that I am going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch today. Now I know what I will be ordering! - And I love seeing what y'all are eating. The food of a culture is a huge part of the soul of it! - I've never been to the Smithsonian and want to go very badly! I'm so glad that you got to see it and during a good time of the year too.

  4. I have nothing against your posts about food, I am always curious about something new and delicious...

  5. Ooooo! that egg is just perfect for stabbing and letting the yolk run down into the rice, I am definitely having an egg just like that one for breakfast tomorrow morning Kaori..

  6. Lol, and I'm having eggs for dinner! Love that decoration!

  7. See, no one's complaining. And that's a perfectly done egg.

  8. It does look delicious. I love PerthDailyPhoto’s imagery. Now if I can figure out how to get the ground beef substituted with tempeh or garbanzo (La Jolla in Hirô used to make knock-out tacos with something like garbanzo fritters [I wonder what language Jananese is]).

    Thanks to this post of yours I now know that “My City” isn’t “mine” anymore, but Lumine Est. Things change. I was actually surprised that My City looked the same in 1969 as I knew it decades later.

  9. Holding body, mind and soul together.

    Please have a good new week.

  10. That does look really tasty. And I love the night shots of those leaves too!

  11. Because of a certain person’s inspiration I just polished off a fried-egg sandwich.

    (I love the name of the sweets shop on B-1 of Lumine Est—“Goody for You”.)

  12. I can't decide whether that looks deliciously unhealthy or deliciously healthy. ;) Yummy stuff. More, please!

  13. I wanted to click on the top photo to enlarge it but I’m afraid it might be SPAM (ha ha).

  14. Looks good... Happy Christmas and Happy New Year Kaori, catch you in the new year, Ev

  15. That is the freaking most bestest way to serve an egg - - with the yolk all puffed out and everything else fat and just slightly fried on the bottom.

    Whoever puts that on a sandwich for me I will marry.

  16. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments, always :D

    @Birdman, this has chopped lettuce, tomatos, tortilla chips, ground beef, and chili beans on rice with an egg topping. You eat it by mixing it all together!

    @Leif, arigato-gozaimasu!

    @Rachel, how was the mexican lunch? This is so simple and yet so good...I sometimes make it at home, too!

    @VP, thank you! I've still got plenty of more dishes to share :D

    @Grace, I can never make eggs like'll have to teach me how!

    @Ciel, good thing a lot of people seem to like eggs!

    @Karin, it is a work of art, isn't it? ;-)

    @TallGary, I like to use veggie meat when I make it at home. And yes, it's called Lumine Est for a couple of years now :D

    @Robert, thank you!

    @Al, isn't the table great? I love it too!

    @Rurousha, I'm thinking a little of both! hehe.

    @Mats, thank you for your comment!

    @Evelyn, thank you! Happy holidays to you, too :D

    @Angrygaijin, whoever teaches me how to make that egg I will marry.

  17. Taco rice... talk about fusion! :-D

  18. @Francisca, it's delicious fusion :D

  19. I have to agree... it is delicious looking!


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