Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feet Fashion

I'm posting this photo of crocs store in Marui Annex, one of the many popular department stores in Shinjuku, because my baby sister just started high school this April.

It may seem like there's nothing in common. But here in Japan, when someone enters school, whether they took an entrance exam or not, we usually give them something we call "Nyu-gaku Iwai (入学祝い)," which translates to "Entrance Gift."

My baby sister took an entrance exam, passed, and started her new school year this month! (This was my big news!) We're all so proud of her, she's grown up so much! It seems she was just starting grade school yesterday and now she's a high schooler. Wow!

I wanted to give her a Nyu-gaku Iwai, as I couldn't fly in to see her entrance ceremony at school, so I called her up the other day to ask if there was anything specific she wanted.

When I started high school, I desperately wanted a cashmere Burberry scarf, which was what everyone wore with their high school uniforms at the time. (See here.) So I was trying to figure out what it is that high school kids now want...and she said:

"Yellow crocs."

She could have asked for pretty much anything and I would have gotten it for her...and she asks for crocs! I didn't know whether to be proud of her for being so simple or horrified at the thought of her wearing those rubbery things on her feet. I did remind her that they were the ugliest sandals in the world, and eventually would be the stinkiest, too. (My personal opinion, obviously.) But that's apparently exactly what she I got her pair, got it gift wrapped, and send it off to her this week.

I hear how excited everyone is for the new school year, as I pass a lot of students in uniform chatting and laughing their way to school in the mornings, and it makes me smile. I hope my sister is chatting away with her new friends and enjoying the start to her high school days, too!


  1. I think crocs look best when hanging on a wall like this.

    Congratulations to your sister. Nyu-gaku lwai -- what a lovely custom.

  2. Congrats to your sister, but crocs surely has to be the worst shoe ever made.

  3. Congratulations to her! You're luck she didn't ask for a new kimono - that would have broken your bank! Ha!

  4. I'll join in the congratulations to your sister...and agree with Hiker that Crocs definitely look best on a wall like this!!! Great photo!!! love all the colors. But I really do think Crocs ought to be outlawed...can't imagine anything worse for young growing feet!!!

  5. A cashmere Burberry scarf like that beats yellow crocs anytime, but if she like them...

  6. Wonderful story.

    to the Croc Nay sayers: Have you ever worn a pair? Very comfortable and great dog beach wear.

  7. great photo and story, good luck to little sis'

  8. Congratulations to your sister! I love all those colors, but I agree with you that they are ugly.

  9. To: Not-so-baby-anymore sister of Kaori—入学おめでとうございます。Yay! You passed the dreaded high school entrance exam. Let’s hope for the best about college.

    At first I thought white vinegar might do a good job cleaning Crocs® but then I found this. Soaking in a solution dish soap and bleach, they say.

    I like the way some of the Crocs® are two-toned, for example, the purple ones with blue along the instep lip in your photo.

    What kind of socks are high school kids wearing these days? Any of these might go well with yellow Crocs®. These look nice. But maybe you can’t beat this as a Croc® sock.

  10. :)

    Always a safe step ahead for her. Please have a good Friday you all.

    daily athens

  11. えぇ~なおみちゃんもうそんなに大きくなったのねぇ~!!!
    ご入学おめでとうございます☆*゜ ゜゜

    そしてyellow crocsが欲しい!!
    To be honest,私も香織と同じ意見!!笑
    新しい環境やお友達や・・・あのワクワク感はたまらないよね!なつかしい感覚☆*゜ ゜゜たっぷりenjoyしてほしいね❤

  12. Congratulations to your sister! Be careful of crocs - my granddaughter got them caught in an escalator; thankfully they were able to grab her out of them before her feet were injured, but the crocs were destroyed. (Just google "crocs escalator" for more information.)

  13. Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments! I had no idea crocs were so universally unpopular...I guess I'm not the only one!

    Karen, TheChieftess, Lois, I like all the colors when they are lined on the walls like this, too! Just can't seem to make myself put one on my feet... ;D

    Leif, oh yes, thank goodness! I'd have had to take out a loan if she did :D

    Steffe, VP, my thoughts exactly ;D

    Not Retired, I actually did have a pair and I liked it because it was so very light. But I couln't get over how ugly it was and the fact that it didn't match anything I wore. I know there are a lot of people who like them though! :-)

    This too will pass, Robert, thank you so much! :-D

    Tall Gary, I don't think they wear socks with crocs! ;D

    Al, I've seen it on the news here, too! They were really popular a few years ago but a poor little boy lost his foot when the croc got caught between the escalator, just like your granddaughter! There were signs everywhere, warning people to be careful on when riding on one. I'm so glad your granddaughter was okay. As my sister is going to a boarding school that doesn't have any escalators on campus, I'm hoping she'll be okay :-D

    masae, そうなの!信じられない!(笑)高校の時はいろいろ発見する時だもんね、クロックスがほしいならあげちゃう!(笑)

  14. Glad you found something your sister wanted. Can't say they aren't colorful! :)

  15. What?! No socks with Crocs? You mean some people might consider this guy, hmm, what can I say, out of it?

  16. Like others, I like the colorful crocs on the wall in your photo, not on my feet. Congrats to your sister, and if yellow crocs make her smile, so be it. What surprised me most about your post is that you hankered after the same scarf everyone else had... would have guessed you to be more of a rebel! :-D

  17. I agree with you, they are the "ugliest sandals in the world".
    But your image is colorful, so that made a good shot!

    Gunn / Norway

  18. I can't stand Crocs at all!

    Congratulations to your sister!

  19. oh wow! congrats to your dear imoto! ^0^
    japanese people really has lots of gifts for this event and that.

    haha, i would've said the same thing about crocs before, but not now, i used to detest them too, surprisingly, it's really comfy and it doesn't stink! haha, you just have to wash them from time to time, and it doesn't easily wear out, fashion wise though, it's a definite no! ^0^

  20. My son has the bright orange pair :{
    Congratulations to your sister!

  21. Halcyon, they are nothing if not colorful! ;D

    Francisca, you always make me laugh! Actually my Burberry scarf was forest green when everyone else's was light brown...but since it was my third year in Japan, I was desperately trying to fit in ;D

    Gunn, haha! Thank you!

    Kiki, thank you! Hoping she at least enjoys them :-D

    Arabesque, you're right, we do have a lot of gifts here. Thanks for the crocs info...I'll be sure to tell my sis ;D

    T, hehe. Well, I used to own a purple one, too ;-D

  22. LOL, crocs are ugly (agree!) but they are the most comfy shoes I've ever owned. I'm totally addicted.


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