Friday, April 29, 2011

Hit the Road

You may be wondering why so many people are walking in the middle of the street.
Well, they are in no danger of being run over by a car. This is because this street is closed off to vehicles on the weekends during the afternoon! We call this Hoko-sha Tengoku (歩行者天国), which translates to "Pedestrian Heaven."

It's great walking on the street because the sidewalks can be quite crowded, especially on the weekends!

Enjoy looking at more beautiful skies all around the world here.


  1. I like the idea of a pedestrian heaven. Really nice view here between the buildings.

  2. I loved watching the street entertainers on Shinjuku Street on Sundays. It was great seeing an Italian juggler I first saw here later to appear often on TV.

  3. So is it because there are lots of weekend activities here, or a lot of shopping...? Why do they close the road to cars on the weekend afternoons?

  4. Great idea! I still remember the oil crisis of the 1970s - where I lived in Holland, they banned all driving on Sundays. It was heaven for us kids!

  5. Excellent shot. Plus, I love these carless days. They are so silent too!

  6. I have to keep in mind these beautiful words: Hoko-sha Tengoku! I love pedestrian zones, which are almost nonexistent here or infested by scooters...

  7. Nice picture !!!
    Good idear of having a car free weekend in such a busy area.

  8. I like the idea of favoring pedestrians over cars!


    The look at the sky, and they say,
    “Though storm clouds be scudding my way,
    I still like the sight;
    By day or by night
    All heaven’s a stunning display.”

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Hem of Night

  9. Each step a joy !

    Please have you all a wonderful weekend.

    daily athens

  10. A perfect setting for a young South Korean guitar virtuoso: Sungha Jung.

  11. Hi everyone! Thank you for the comments!

    We don't have very many of them but the Hoko-sha Tengoku in Shinjuku is every Sunday and Public Holidays from noon to 6pm.

    Becky, yup. It's because there are so many people who come to this area, which is a popular area filled with shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. Our sidewalks aren't very wide so it's nice to have the street, too :D

    VP, you'll be happy to know that even bicycles are not allowed to be ridden here! You have to get off the bicycle and push it if you want to pass through here ;D

  12. When I lived near Tokyo, used to see this almost whenever I went to Akiba.

  13. Thanks for the comment! Yep, I think there was one in Akihabara and Ginza ;D

  14. I like pedestrian heavens wherever I find them. They get people to come out, even the buskers, and it usually means better commerce for the shops, too.

  15. Francisca, your absolutely right! And I like them because there's less chance of getting elbowed. haha.


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