Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shinjuku L Tower

I actually don't know anything about this object.

Just that it stands in front of the Shinjuku L Tower. This office building was completed in 1989 and I hear it got it's name because the building vaguely represents the letter "L."

I thought I'd post this for Weekend Reflections because there are a whole bunch of things reflecting in this photo. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a wonderful reflection shot Kaori! So much to look at.

  2. Amazing picture! I imagine it is some kind of art, it has some beautiful reflections.

  3. I have intimate experience with the 23rd floor of this building that I am reflecting on myself at the moment: Hello Work, after the company I worked at for 13 years went out of business. Years before then some of us coworkers went to a nice izakaya in the basement of L Tower a couple times (櫓)。 It was a little pricey and now gone. But it looks like on B2 there is at present a Saizeriya Italian restaurant, maybe (I can never tell when internet sites are outdated). I used to love the focaccio at another Saizeriya. And the wakame salad. Yum. Menu here. 懐かしい!

    I like that walkway we can see a tiny part of in the background of your photo (or is that a reflection of behind the foreground?). It goes on and on in a nicely convoluted way at times.

  4. Just superb!
    Stylish and arty!

  5. Very interesting picture ; you pick the right angle to get the most of this piece of art...

  6. FAB! Lines and reflections all over! (And that's all you really need to know about it... LOL!)

  7. freaking reflection!
    a reality hacking ;)


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