Sunday, April 10, 2011

To the Left

Despite her mood swings...Mother Nature is a beauty!

This is one of the lakes at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. This park is actually half in Shinjuku, where I live, and half in Shibuya, another big tourist city here in Tokyo. So I'm actually standing on the Shibuya side of the park, but in the photo, the left side is mostly Shinjuku. (I tried taking a shot standing on the Shinjuku side but couldn't see a thing!)

I've been to this park a number of times and never knew that half of it was not Shinjuku! See, I'm already learning new things about my city through this blog!

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  1. Aah. So nice, and peaceful. I feel a bit sleepy. Should I say, “Good Naitō”? (After the daimyo Naitō family whose estate this was during the Edo period.)

    The textures you caught look like embroidery on glossy silk.

    It’s hard to believe sometimes that this park is pretty much in the midst of crowded, sky-scrapered Shinjuku.

  2. Just wonderful, Kaori.

    Hope you have a warm day.

  3. A “now and then” view right by that vegetarian and juice restaurant I mentioned a few days ago. It is hard to see but the entrance gate to the Naitō estate is on the far left, center. The flowing water is the Tamagawa Aquaduct.

    A couple more “daily snapshots” of the area “then” here and here.

    I wonder how long it will be before our “now” will become an equally distant “then.”

    Life is short. Enjoy!

  4. Mother Nature is not just moody, she is going through a fierce case of peri-menopause! :-D But this is certainly one of her calm and beautiful moments. Brilliant capture. Your comments make me think of Niagara Falls - the best side is in the States, but the view is from the Canadian side.

  5. So pretty! The water looks like a mirror.

  6. Really beautiful reflections! I love it when you get a double dose of nature's beauty.

  7. A wonderful place and a great reflection...

  8. Thank you all so much for the comments!

    Tall Gary, "Good Naito" - good one! ;D

    Dani, thank you! It's getting warmer everyday :-)

    Babzy, it's one of my favorite parks! :D

    Francisca, you are a hoot! You're absolutely right though, both on mother nature and the niagara ;D

    Lois, that's what I thought, too :-D

    Halcyon, this was such a pretty peaceful place, I think I actually got a triple dose ;D

    VP, thank you! I love it there :-D

  9. Beautiful reflection Kaori...such peacefulness...

  10. Thank you both! It really was a very peaceful scene :-D

  11. two halfs, making you complete. a picture like a poem. thank you for this escape.

  12. “To the left”? Sorry, can’t reach that far from here. Guess ya gotta do this.

  13. Wow, what a beautiful place.

  14. Beautiful Photo!!!

    いつも同じことの繰り返しではなくて、どんどんchallangeしていくことの大切さに改めて気づかされました!thanks Kaori❤

  15. Moter nature is a beauty, but the Japanese gardeners helps her to make up and dress up, i'll say by looking at this wonderful picture... It seems really a lovely place to have a walk.

  16. Splendid. Hope this new earthquake wasn't too bad.

  17. It really is beautiful as is your photo. Still thinking and wishing better for you and your country.

  18. and just when things are getting back to normal, another e.quake then again...
    so sad to hear about your friend's dilemma, sometimes, when things seemed helpless, the best antidote is to pray.

    btw, this is a wonderful foto of Shinjuku and the blooming flowers of the sakura captivates me the most.

  19. Oh wow, this is so peaceful!


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