Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Flower Shop

I absolutely adore this pink building!

On Saturday I went to a charity concert for the earthquake/tsunami relief. My friend, who plays the viola in the orchestra, invited me so I decided to stop by this flower shop to by a small bouquet of flowers for her.

Not only were the flowers pretty, but the florist who made my bouquet was friendly, too!


  1. What a great blog! Many wonderful sights. Thanks

  2. A great image!:)
    Love the colors and all the interesting details.

  3. I love the pink too! What a cheerful looking place.

  4. wow, so cute and lovely. ^0^
    it's like a cut out postcard.

  5. OMG this is so pretty! Could be a greetings card!

  6. Stunning gradations of color airbrushed by the angle of the sun; the perfect composition; those Greek-inspired Ionic columns; the textured rectangle of cool green against the warm shades of pink and lavender... And you were actually there? Lucky you. What a day you must have had: your eyes and ears so luxuriously tickled.

  7. It's nice to see spring flowers for sale after a long winter! My twin brother used to play viola in junior high school - too bad he quit!

  8. 素敵なカラーリングだね~!
    I love this pink building too!!
    At first sight, I thought it's not japan, like France or other Europe countries...!!!


  9. flowers, natures way to smile.

    please have a good wednesday.

    daily athens

  10. Hi everyone! Happy I could share this cute flower shop with you. The cute pink color really stands out on the street! Thank you for your comments...I haven't been able to comment back but will be by soon! x

    Caroline, thank you so much! I hope you'll be back :-D

    Leif, any type of instrument looks very hard to play! But the viola has a really beautiful sound that I love :-D

    Masa, the concert was wonderful! モーツァルトとかオーケストラできけるの幸せだなって思ったよ!

  11. A very nice composition, it is really a lovely building and you caught it perfectly.


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