Sunday, April 3, 2011

Walk That Walk

I've been walking a lot lately.

On the night of the initial earthquake, when the public transportation wasn't working and thousands of us had to walk home, I learned that my new apartment was closer to work than I thought. And since the trains were running on a "special time schedule" the following monday (meaning they were either not running or running really late), I decided to walk to work and have been doing so since then.

It's a really great workout but when I first started walking it was because I didn't want to get stuck in the subway if another earthquake came. According to Tokyo Metro, the number of people using the subways went down 21% after the earthquake on March 11. It may be that people are just not going out as much anymore but I'll bet there are some like me who just don't want to get stuck 20-40 meters underground.

Plus you get to spot super blue bridges like this when you walk!

Click below for more photos of wonderful bridges around the world!


  1. I think it's nice to walk if one is not in a hurry. There is lots to see. BTW, cute shoes :)

  2. I see what you mean. But that is a long walk. Oh, but it is about 35 minutes. A bicycle would be even faster.

    Coming back from a weekend on Tokyo’s Oshima Island I just had no heart for any kind of stuffy, cramped train ride so I walked from Takeshiba Sanbashi (not so far from Roppongi) to my home in Suginami: about 5 hours.

    Having missed the last train from Shinjuku due to drinking, or just talking, I walked the hour and forty minutes home any number of times. The only time I bicycled the route was during a sarin gas scare.

    Good exercise; fresh(er) air (compared to that inside public transportation); getting a feel for the city (putting more pieces together of the puzzle that is Tokyo); serendipitous discoveries (like the park just behind you and to your left in your photo); yeah, walking is nice. Again, I envy you. (But only if you haven’t yet had big chunks of hair come out when brushing, due to the still spewing radiation).

  3. Hey twinkle toes, cute shoes! Walking seems like a good option of your shoes are comfortable!
    Ganbatte kudasai

  4. That's an interesting bridge. It's amazing to me that buildings can be built to withstand earthquakes like that, here in Colorado if something like that happened everything would fall down because we don't build for them!

  5. I am so sorry you are having to take this walk under such sad and tragic circumstances. I do think I would be walking, too, rather than riding underground on the subway. Love the blue bridge. It is different and very appealing.

  6. How much time to walk to your Apartment, K?
    Here in the USA we wood say we should Walk The Talk.

    Like your fotograph.

  7. I was trying to think of bridges I like in Shinjuku. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I would have to say one of my own favorites is inside the NS Building in Nishi Shinjuku here. Great night view (free from the observation rooms, if they are still there). That water clock! The glass elevator that could trigger an attack of acrophobia...

    If you have a chance...

    (word verification: bless)

  8. Yes, you do miss out on so much if you're always in a car or underground train. Good photo. Love the shoes.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  9. Oh, the highest one joining Kinokuniya and Tokyu Hands: across the bridge from Southern Terrace. Some gorgeous traditional Japanese-style ones in Shinjuku Gyoen. Second story Odakyu Halc area. Yep, it looks like you are really set up with a great supply of bridges to photograph now that you are in Shinjuku.

  10. Are things back to normal and you are back at work?

  11. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    Evelyn, Leif, Blossom, thanks for noticing my shoes! lol.

    Cafe P, I'm about a 30-40 minute walk away from work! We have a similar saying to "Walk the Talk" here in Japan - "Yu-gen-jikko (有言実行)” Simply put "do as you say" :-D

    Ann, I actually haven't missed a day of work since the earthquake. The first week after was kind of bizzare, not knowing when it may blackout or when the trains will stop running, especially with the new earthquakes constantly shaking eastern Japan. But the past couple of weeks, at least in Tokyo, things are pretty much back to normal. Although it is a new normal that includes rolling blackouts and voluntary power conservations. But people are back to work, school kids are out enjoying their spring break, and there are actually some tourists here, too :-D

  12. Hey... the bridge is cool, the steps too but those shoes!!!! :-)

  13. I agree... it's the shoes. Really!

  14. I love the perspective of this shot and the feeling of anticipation it has.

  15. I walk to work every day but it is not far, five minutes at most. Funny shoes!

  16. Man, I never would have thought the shoes would be such a hit...or miss? hehe.

    Becky, thank you! It feels like we're climbing up the stairs to recovery everyday...slowly but surely :-)

  17. DEFINITELY a hit, Kaori... that top shot is fabulous, with your nifty feet. But you can actually WALK in those shoes? As in farther than from your desk to the water cooler? Now we are both showing our ages. I've been doing a lot of walking too, but my shoes are "sensible". :-D

  18. Yep! The shoes make the whole shot!!! And I agree with Francisca...they definitely define your age in life!!! Walking that far in those shoes would not be my cup of tea!!! But I'd certainly carry them in a bag and put them when I got to work!!!

  19. Lovely shoes! It's definitely a good idea to walk!

  20. 超健康的!歩いて通勤できるなんてうらやましい~! ますます写真撮影意欲高まったんじゃない!?笑 でも今まで知らなかった世界に触れるって、楽しいことだよね♪

  21. Once I read that one shouldn't miss a single step while climbing a stair.

    Always a safe road ahead and a good week as well.

    daily athens

  22. Why do I have the feeling that you like those (3rd photo down)?

    I was worried about what rain might do to the pom poms but then realized that you probably carry protection for them, like here.

    Oh. look at these Greek soldiers now. You really started a trend, Kaori. Everybody likes them.

    By the way, can I interest you in another pair of shoes? You know, the more the merrier.

  23. I love walking when the weather is nice!

  24. haha, there goes your pom-pom shoes again.
    i think i have to buy a pair of those when i;m there. ^0^
    really cute!

    i'm glad you're enjoying your walk,
    i only hope the weather's not too hot for you. ^0^

    have a gr8 week ahead kaori. ^0^

  25. Haha...all your comments on my shoes are making me laugh! Thanks everyone :-D

    Francisca, if you can believe it theses are actually my "sensible" shoes! It seems I don't have any regular sneakers and these flat shoes are the most comfortable. But from all this walking, I think I'll be getting myself a pair of new sneakers ;D

    Arabesque, I hope you do get a pair! Then we can both take a walk in matching shoes :-D

    Masa, コメントありがとうー!結構だらだら歩いたりしてるからどれだけ健康的かわからないけど、ちょっとは運動になってるかも♪(笑)

  26. These are good walking shoes. Almost like going barefoot.

  27. This could only be a shot made by you.
    Great perspective and cool composition.
    very well done!


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